Success stories

Success stories

August 28, 2020

The perfect app to improve your health – Arie’s story

I have a desk job and a corner office. Because “sitting is the new smoking” my company started a health program three years ago. The main goals were: walking 5 minutes after one hour of desk work, 10.000 steps a day, healthy food in the canteen and creating green work zones in the office, with desks where people can stand or even cycle.

More physical activity during the workday has a positive effect on negative work-stress and improves your sleep pattern. We all received a wearable to measure activity, heart rate, etc.

In my search for an app that could store and analyze my data, I discovered that there was only one that covers physical activity, psychology, eating habits and sleep. And that is dacadoo. The app has a feature called “the Coach”, who asks frequently about your mental state and eating habits (e.g. how often you eat whole grain food or how many alcoholic drinks you consume). All the data of the wearable and the answers you give to the Coach lead to a Health Score.

I have challenged myself to continually improve my Health Score.

Another feature is that you can define goals (e.g. cycling or walking for a certain period of time) and you can attend challenges with others. I have been using dacadoo for almost 3 years and it keeps me fit. It’s the perfect app if you want to improve your health.

Finally, and that is very important, the privacy of your data is guaranteed.

Arie de Wit, company lawyer, age 54, The Netherlands

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