Exercises to try out

Exercises to try out

July 21, 2020

Outdoor sporting activities for Summer 2020

Summer of 2020 is significantly different than any summer you have likely experienced. Due to the worldwide pandemic, everyone has to find different sports activities to keep busy and maintain good physical health. While you can still jog or walk laps, it is always fun to find sports activities that serve as entertainment while also encouraging additional exercise routines.

If you have some friends and family you are still able to be with during these challenging times, you may want to participate in some or all of the following summer outdoor sports and activities:


Whether you have a deluxe inground pool or an inflatable kiddie pool, swimming on your own or with friends is a wonderful, fun summer activity you can do while social distancing. Spending hot days in a cool pool of water is a good way to deal with the heat of the season, and you can also burn calories and get some exercise in the process. When it comes to public swimming facilities, you have to be sure the facility is practicing the necessary safety precautions when it comes to sanitization and social distancing. If the facility is considered safe and you are willing to abide by the rules in your region regarding facemasks and cleanliness, swimming can be done safely.


When it comes to social distancing and summer sports, tennis is one of the better options. You only need one other opponent who is many feet away from you. Tennis can be played outdoors or indoors. Indoor tennis is ideal when the weather is too hot or during those infamous summer rain showers. But you also have the option to play outdoors in the warm, sunny weather. Tennis is a good way to get some good cardiovascular activity while also improving your hand-eye coordination. If your tennis court meets local guidelines for safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can play safely as long as all players practice the necessary health precautions.

Flag Football

Although American football is not a sport typically played in the summer, you can always gather a few friends to play flag football. The great thing about this sport is that it includes the skills of typical football but without the tackling. Instead, the opposing team’s goal is to grab the flag off the other team’s receiver or anyone in possession of the football. Because there is no tackling involved, the issue of touching is greatly reduced.

The rules with regard to Covid-19 guidelines will vary based on your region. There are some structural differences that help to decrease the risk of exposure to the virus, such as less physical contact. You can also play with fewer players than a traditional 11-member team. Sanitize continuously throughout the game and switch for new footballs throughout the game to help decrease exposure.

Frisbee Golf

Another fun summer game for 2020 is frisbee golf, which is similar to traditional golf, but you do not need golf clubs or golf balls. You simply need frisbees and a frisbee golf course. The course includes “holes,” or receptacle-like targets, where you have to land the frisbee. Just like golf, you score your game on how many tries it takes to get your frisbee into the hole. You can play this game alone or with a few friends. Because frisbee golf is a low-contact sport, most experts consider it a safe sport to participate despite the pandemic.

In addition to these sporting activities, you may also want to have your friends and family over for healthy picnics or barbecues. Although you have to keep your distance from most of society right now, you can still enjoy some time-fostering, healthy exercise, and eating habits with those closest to you.

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See you (safely) outdoors,

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