Improving wellbeing

Improving wellbeing

July 18, 2019

Boost your motivation by tracking your health data

Having a health tracker will provide you with all the data you need to show how far you’ve come and where you need to get to with your fitness and other important aspects of your wellbeing.

Keeping motivated is one of the biggest hurdles of getting fit, but tracking your progress really helps. Not only does it allow you to see how far you’ve come, it also means you can set goals to work towards and make real improvements.

To be reassured

Many of us think we know the theory behind the changes we make for our health when we start, but things can get muddled or a little lost along the way. Having a health tracker app helps you to know that you’re on the right path and following steps recommended by the experts.

To see how far you’ve come

It’s often easy to see the gains when you first start making positive changes for your health, but over time things can appear to plateau. Having everything automatically logged means you can easily go back and check just how far you’ve come.

You can look at the data and see what seems to have worked and remember what you were doing when you felt particularly good. This will help you recreate good behaviour and make positive improvements for the long-term.

To set realistic goals

Looking at what you’ve done in the past is a good indicator of what you might achieve going forward. This will enable you to set realistic goals that will challenge you but not be entirely out of reach. It could be to do with how far you can swim, how long it takes you to run a certain distance or the overall number of burpees you can do at once.

To keep track of your goals

Goals are often achieved over a long period of time, so tracking them is important and especially vital if you have setbacks. Look back at the things you’ve achieved and work out what you can do to move over current hurdles to motivate yourself with the next stage of your health journey.

To celebrate achieving your aims

With the cold hard data in front of you it’s even easier to be sure that you’ve achieved your goals, which is cause for celebration. Sometimes we can do ourselves down and say that something must have got easier, not that we’ve got fitter, so allow your fitness tracker to be your personal cheerleader.

To be supported by a community

Syncing your fitness trackers to those of other people will help to motivate you through challenges and comparisons. You will also find a community that can offer tips and advice to get you through hard situations, as well as share in your triumphs.

For troubleshooting problems

When you’re suffering from a particular ailment it can be difficult to get to the root cause, but a health tracker can facilitate narrowing it down. All that data will show changes that you’ve made and why you might be feeling a niggle, not sleeping so well or having problems with your digestion. Then you can start to address such issues.

To know when to see a doctor

Some problems you can’t tackle on your own and it’s worth seeking professional medical attention. At times, these can come on slowly and are hardly noticeable to the individual involved, so it’s useful that the health tracker has recorded everything. It may be just the push you need to get yourself checked out.

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