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Beat the bloat this Easter with these top strategies

Easter breakfast

Easter is traditionally a time of overindulgence, but once the biggest event of the spring is over, you can end up feeling bloated and lethargic. That’s not great if you’ve undone all of your good work from the beginning of the year and are starting to think about your summer wardrobe.

Make sure you emerge from the celebrations feeling your best without thinking you’ve missed out with these simple steps:

Swap milk for dark chocolate eggs

Everyone enjoys an Easter egg, but make it known to your loved ones that you’d prefer a dark chocolate egg this year. They have less sugar and fat in them than milk chocolate, as well as more polyphenols, which help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Generally speaking, the higher the percentage of cocoa and better quality the chocolate in your egg, the better it will be for you. Dark chocolate eggs are a great way to have a treat without the guilt.

Go wholemeal on the hot cross buns

Avoid hot cross buns made from white flour and opt for wholemeal alternatives instead. They contain more fiber, which is important for controlling blood sugar levels and can even prevent heart disease.

Wholemeal hot cross buns are widely available, so they won’t be difficult to get hold of. Even when you’ve made this switch, be sure to eat them in moderation and without too much butter on top.

Organize a family walk

With the whole family off school and work, Easter represents a good opportunity to spend quality time together. Instead of just enjoying sumptuous meals, make sure you’ve factored some exercise into your schedule too.

Getting outside to enjoy the spring flowers and even lambs in the fields if you live in the countryside will help to overcome any post-egg munching bloatedness. You can even organize an Easter egg hunt to coax the most reluctant outdoors.

Take some me time with exercise you enjoy

Just because it’s a family time of year doesn’t mean you can’t take some time out for yourself. Exercise is a great way to do that and will mean you can return to the festivities feeling calmer and rejuvenated.

Even if your fitness classes aren’t running over Easter, you can go and enjoy a few laps in the pool, undertake a bike ride or go for a jog. Mild exercise is enough to keep things ticking over and clear your head.

Exercise portion control

As well as making sure your body is active, exercise your self control and keep portion sizes within sensible limitations. That doesn’t mean you can’t tuck into the Easter lamb and all the trimmings with the rest of the party, but remember to eat slowly and stop when you’re full.

Piling your plate high and feeling like you can’t move will not do you any favors. A little bit of indulgence will help you keep on track without feeling left out.

Eat seasonally

While most of us think of eggs, hot cross buns and simnel cakes at Easter, there is also a lot of other produce coming into season at this time of year. Cod and salmon are good healthy options, while purple sprouting broccoli and spinach are good healthy veggies to enjoy.

As the spring weather arrives it’s a nice time to eat fresh, light ingredients, so be sure not to forget those lovely salads. Eating these in the garden will help you to look forward to summer.

Swap chocolate eggs for hens eggs

Since eggs are one of the most recognizable symbols of Easter, it’s nice to incorporate them into meals. That include breakfast, where you can all decorate hard-boiled eggs by painting them or making little paper hats.

Eggs are packed full of nutrients and help to keep you full throughout the day, meaning you’re less likely to give in to one of the chocolate varieties.

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