dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

May 8, 2018

dacadoo 3.6. is here!

Introducing the last features

dacadoo has just released version 3.6 for iPhoneAndroid and web. Below you can find what to expect from the latest version.

1. Challenge Discussion

You now have the possibility to add comments on the challenge discussion page. Stay excited about participating in challenges, motivate your team members or challenge your competition.

Image: Discussion functionality within a challenge on the iPhone application


2. New Challenge Leaderboard

What is your ranking in the challenge and who is leading the competition? It’s now much easier to see, thanks to the re-designed challenge leaderboard.

Image: Re-designed challenge leaderboard on the iPhone application


3. New goals

In the “Coach” section, 11 new goals have been integrated to assist you to adopt and maintain healthy habits and obtain a better understanding on the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Activity
  • Lifestyle
  • Body
Image: Examples of new goals on the web application

3.1 Nutrition goals

The following goals have been added to the Nutrition Coach:

  • Alcohol Awareness à Reduce your intake of alcohol and raise awareness of alcohol consumption
  • Eat Less Fried Food à  Reduce your consumption of fried food
  • Eat Less Salt à Reduce your intake of salt and raise awareness of how much salt is added to food
  • Focus on Oil à Explains and educates about the variety between oils which could be used for cooking

3.2 Activity goals

The following goals have been added to the Activity Coach:

  • 3,000 Steps a-Day
  • 5,000 Steps a-Day
  • 8,000 Steps a-Day
  • 10,000 Steps a-Day

The most relevant goal is displayed based on your daily step count over the previous 14 days. For example, if you have an average daily step count of 4,100 steps over the previous two weeks, you will be able to add the 5,000 Steps a-Day goal.

3.3 Lifestyle goals

The existing Sleep Better and Stress-Free Mind goals have been merged into the Lifestyle Coach and the following goals have also been added:

  • Quit Smoking: The Preparation à Mental preparation to quit smoking
  • Quit Smoking à  Cease the habit of smoking

3.4 Body goal

The following goal has been added to the Body Coach:

  • Record Your Blood Pressure à Regularly monitor blood pressure


4. New General Nutrition Questions

The general nutrition questions related to the Health Score have been updated to cover a wider variety of diets, in an effort to internationalize the nutrition model. The new model is based on the Healthy Eating Habits Index alongside other well-respected studies. You may see your Health Score change a bit more than usual as you switch from the old to the new model – don’t worry about this!

Image: Examples of new general nutrition questions on the Android application


5. Additional Onboarding Questions

Additional (optional) onboarding questions have been added. Now your initial Health Score can be calculated even more precisely. Moreover, you can set your dietary preference (e.g. vegetarian) from the very start.

Image: Additional onboarding questions on the on the iPhone application


6. Speed Limit & Inactivity Detection

dacadoo’s integrated tracking functionality can now detect if you go over the activity speed limit or when you are inactive for a longer period of time.

Image: Speed limit & inactivity detection on the iPhone application


6.1 Speed limit detection

The speed limit detection is activated if you accidentally leave the integrated tracking function of your phone on after finishing a GPS related workout and then, for example, step into a car.

6.2 Inactivity detection

The inactivity detection detects if you accidentally leave the integrated tracking function of your phone on for 30 minutes after finishing a GPS related workout and then, for example, go for lunch and leave the device on a table.


7. Coach Section Improvements

Besides the new goals and new nutrition questions, dacadoo has added new content and has improved the existing messages to better guide and educate you about health and wellbeing.

7.1 The following goals have been improved:

  • Smart Cooking
  • Mindful eating
  • Power breakfast

There are newly phrased personal responses and more pictures to enhance the visual experience.
Additionally, the activity goals description have been updated; the reason why you are ineligible to add the goal should now be more clear.

7.2 The following messages have been updated or added to the Coach:

  • Blood pressure measurement analysis
  • Weekly steps overview
  • Weight & fat mass update reminders
  • Vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian diet preference
  • Weekly and daily Health Score messages

7.3 Metric and Imperial measurement conversion:

A new functionality now enables all messages containing values related to distance, weight and volume to be converted from metric to imperial units and vice versa, depending on the user’s preference.

Image: New coach content on the mobile app for iPhone


8. Share Workout Photos on Social Media

You can now share workout photos on social media (Facebook & Twitter). The workout photo that you share includes the application logo, activity distance, time and average speed of your workout.

Image: Share workout photo on Facebook on the iPhone application


9. Points

The points tab and collected points will not be visible anymore to existing users. This feature has existed for demo and user feedback purposes. In fact, users could collect points but could not redeem them, unless they were eligible for the points redemption program sponsored by their employers.
What does this mean for existing users? The points tab and points collected until now will be removed for existing users.

From now on, this tab will be visible only to corporate users eligible for the collection and redemption of points, sponsored by their employers.

Image: dacadoo app without points tab

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