dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

February 9, 2018

dacadoo releases version 1.1 of dacadoo GO

dacadoo GO 1.1

dacadoo GO version 1.1

Last Tuesday, dacadoo released its newest version of the dacadoo GO walking game app (version 1.1). The walking game can be downloaded in the respective app stores (Apple AppStore, Google Play). Version 1.1 contains multiple new features and improvements which are highlighted more in detail below:

Facebook and Twitter support for login and playing with friends

Players can use their existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to log into dacadoo GO.

Content sharing

Players can share their avatar, daily steps, level, walk score, accomplishments, location and standings of team battle on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and any sharing-enabled app on their phone with their friends. Each player is in full control of what he or she is sharing.

New shop items: Collector, Beacon, Chip Rush

The shop has been extended with items that boost game play. The Collector items temporarily increases the collection range of players, allowing them to collect items from further away. The Beacon item allows players to teleport back to a previously visited map location. The Chip Rush item launches a mini-game to play with friends, to see who collects more Chips during 20 minutes.

New team battle: Power-Up

With this new team battle, players get challenged to collect so called power-ups that appear on the map. Collecting a power-up grants players a temporary effect, that increases the number of team points earned for collecting the next power-up, thus making it more lucrative to collect “one more” power-up while the effect lasts.
Additionally, the Capture the Flag team battle has been improved, and players can now carry up to 3 flags.

New quests: Triangulation, Around the Clock

These new quests challenge players to use compass directions to find a missing pet, and to take at least 100 steps in any 12 hours.

Improved map with compass and street names

A very popular request was to improve the map itself. Through the adaption of a compass and street names the utility of the map is enhanced.

Improved Walk Score

The Walk Score now features a more robust reservoir. Also, the app optionally notifies players before their Walk Score would drop, motivating them to take a couple of extra steps that day.

Walking statistics

The walking statistics compare the steps taken by the player with other players in the same city, country, or Walk Score range, thus providing a broad benchmark.


dacadoo GO is now fully brandable for our clients.

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