Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

November 16, 2017

dacadoo Fit for Christmas Challenge

It’s again that time of the year, when you make plans for your Christmas party, when you start thinking about rest and taking a break from doing exercise.

Besides, there are so many high calorie temptations on offer. Luckily, you can burn those extra calories with the help of dacadoo and this challenge.

What’s the challenge?

Burn as many calories as you can between November 25th and December 25th, 2017. 

Who can participate?

This public challenge is open to all existing dacadoo users as well as all new users.

How to get started?

Download the dacadoo app from the App Store or Play Store and register, if you haven’t done it already. Then join the challenge on the mobile app or on web here.

How to track your calories? 

Every time you go out for a jog or you use a treadmill or a cross trainer at the gym, don’t forget to track the activity.

There are more than 115 activities available for this challenge. You can track them on dacadoo or with a tracking device/app that is connectable to the platform. You can also enter your activity manually on dacadoo once you have completed it.

Your results and calories will automatically be recorded on your dacadoo profile and challenge leaderboard.

Calorie are expressed in MET = Metabolic Equivalent of Task, representing the intensity of an activity, independent of an individual’s weight, which makes it possible to compare the performance of all users participating in the challenge.

y should you participate?

For several reasons: sense of excitement while you embark on this journey, being fit for Christmas, etc.

The winners…

will be the 3 top performers and will be announced just after December 25th, 2017.

Have fun and good luck!

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