dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

September 12, 2017

dacadoo latest product release version 3.5.1

dacadoo digital Health Engagement Platform (Version 3.5.1)

dacadoo product release version 3.5.1 for our entire client facing applications (iPhone mobile app, Android mobile app and web application).

1) Like Functionality

To make our social page in line with existing social media providers, we have integrated a “like” functionality on the social page! With the like functionality users can like activities, achievements, etc. of their friends.

2) Emotions After Training (Android)

On Android smartphones you are now able to use Emoticons when sharing your workout.


2) Sleep & Stress Goals

In the “Coach” section, we integrated a sleep and a stress goal. These goals will analyze sleep and stress levels of users on a daily basis.

Sleep goal:
The sleep goal will analyze the amount of daily sleep and will give tips & tricks on how to sleep better, when users are sleeping too little or too much.

Stress goal:
The stress goal will analyze current stress levels with a questionnaire and will give tips & tricks on how to reduce the stress level of users, when they are experiencing stress.


3) Add Pictures to Already Saved Activities

In case users forgot to add a picture to their saved activity, they now can easily add a picture to it.


4) Edit a Manually Saved Activity

In case users would like to edit their manually saved activity they can change the data of the activity after saving, if needed.


5) Improvement of Subscription Code Input (Android & iOS)

Entering a subscription code manually was already available on the web application, but users now can enter as well their subscription code on the mobile apps for Android and iPhone.
To make it even easier we included a QR-scanner, which can read out QR subscription codes (if provided).


6) Workout Tracking Optimization (Android)

After having optimized the workout tracking on the web application and on the mobile app for iPhone, we are now launching these improvements also on the Android mobile app.

The following has been added/changed:

  • A pause button to easier pause a workout, when users take a water break.
  • A brand new design of the “Save” functionality to save your workout.

7) Coach Section Improvements

dacadoo added new content (messages and articles) and improved existing messages, to guide and educate users better concerning their health and wellbeing.

The following has been added/changed:

Goals improvements

The following goals have been updated:

  • Super salad
  • Tasty fish
  • Lovely legumes
  • Bye bye fast food
  • Just say no to sweets

The following has been added/changed within the goals:

  • Newly phrased responses, which fit better to the user’s answers
  • Rephrasing of advices of what users could potentially eat and/or drink towards a better health
  • Inclusion of more pictures, to make it a more visual experience
  • We included even more emoticons to stimulate the user

New Articles

There are new articles in the following sections:

  • Improve wellbeing
  • Get inspired
  • Live well
  • Eat healthy
  • Be active
  • Try new recipes
  • Manage weight

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