dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

July 26, 2017

dacadoo launches major new version 3.5.0

dacadoo released its newest version of the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform beginning of July 2017 (version 3.5.0). You can download it in the respective app stores (Apple AppStore, Google Play) or access it via the web. This release is the most significant in years and contains multiple new features and improvements.

Selected highlights of this newest dacadoo 3.5.0 release are described below:

Redesign of the sign up process

In an effort to further simplify and improve the first experience on the dacadoo platform, dacadoo completely redesigned the whole sign up process (onboarding experience) for a new user on the mobile apps (iPhone, Android) and the Web.


Addition of a tutorial for newly registered users

As the dacadoo digital health engagement platform is a quite comprehensive, the new version provides a tutorial to better guide and assist new users when they access dacadoo for the first time. The tutorial introduces and explains the key functions across all menu items (Me, Coach, Track, Social and Points) on the mobile applications (iPhone, Android) and on the web application.


 Addition of lifestyle-based articles

In the “Coach” section of the application, dacadoo added new content to give users additional information and guidance on how to improve their health and wellbeing. These articles are organized by topics and are easily accessed through web links. The articles are currently available only in English.


Connection to Google Fit and the Samsung Health app (formerly S-Health) for Android users

After activating the connection to the Apple Health app (Apple HealthKit) for iPhone users in the last release, dacadoo now also connects to Google Fit and the Samsung Health app for all Android smartphone users. If users own an Android mobile device and have Google Fit or the Samsung Health app (formerly called S-Health app) installed, they can now synchronize their health and fitness data and workouts with dacadoo. Users are always in control of which data they wish to synchronize.

Improvement to the “Me” section of the mobile and web apps

dacadoo optimized the layout of the “Me” section, providing more space for the background image and adding more insights via dashboards to follow the progress of daily activities, goals and challenges.

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