dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

March 9, 2017

Release Highlights of the Newest dacadoo Version

dacadoo released its newest version of the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform beginning of March 2017 (version 3.4.0). You can download it in the respective app stores (Apple AppStore, Google Play) or access it via the web. Discover the release highlights below:

1) Additional connections (HealthKit, TomTom, Siri)

Apple HealthKit Support (iOS only):

dacadoo is now fully Apple HealthKit enabled. If you own a iPhone 5s or newer version, you can synchronize your health data that is stored on your iPhone on the Apple Health app with dacadoo. You are always in control of what kind of data you would like to synchronize with dacadoo.

Image: dacadoo is now HealthKit enabled

When you downloaded the dacadoo app and sign up as a new user, or as soon as you update the application as an existing user, dacadoo will ask you if you would like to synchronize your health data with the Apple Health app on your iPhone. Of course, you can always decide to connect to the Apple Health app at a later stage.

Please find here a step-by-step guide on how to connect dacadoo with HealthKit / Apple Health application.


TomTom Wearable Devices:

Users who own TomTom wearable devices can now synchronize their activities, heart rate, etc. with dacadoo as well. Please find here a step-by-step guide on how to connect your TomTom wearable device with dacadoo.

Image: TomTom Wearable Devices connect to dacadoo

Siri Support (iOS only):

dacadoo also added specific action messages on Siri for iPhone users. You can start your workouts voice-based by commanding Siri to start walking, running, cycling, etc.

For Siri to understand your command, you need to say: “Start NAME OF ACTIVITY with dacadoo”. For example, if you say: “Start walking with dacadoo” and Siri will open the dacadoo app and start recording your activity! You can also use Siri, when you are already inside the dacadoo app.

2) Redesign of Achievement Page and Logic

Redesign of Achievement Page:

After redesigning the achievement page for the web application, we now redesigned it as well for the mobile applications for iPhone and Android!


Image: Redesign of Achievement Page and Logic for dacadoo

The following were added/changed:

  • A carousel of your upcoming achievements was added to see which achievements you can earn next.
  • The total amount of earned achievements (and percentage) was added to show your friends and/or colleagues how many you’ve earned!
  • We simplified the displaying of achievements by merging the “Current” and “Upcoming” achievements to only one “Upcoming” achievements category.
  • We now indicate newly earned achievements with a number notification, which disappears after looking at your newly earned achievements.
  • The date you earned the achievement was added.

Redesign of Achievement Logic:

Several achievements on dacadoo were annual achievements, which meant that you had to start from zero every year to attain them.

We have changed these annual achievements back to lifetime achievements, as you worked hard on obtaining them. As a result of this change, some users might get several notifications of attained achievements in one go. We apologize for this inconvenience but we’re confident that you also prefer that we returned to lifetime achievements, so that you will never lose an achievement again.

3) Improved interaction with users

Rate Your App & Feedback (iOS & Android only):

dacadoo added the ability for the user to rate the dacadoo app in the respective app stores (Apple App Store, Android Google Play store) and provide feedback faster.

Image: Rate Your App & Feedback (iOS & Android only)

You will receive a pop-up (7 days after an update and an additional one as a reminder after 30 days) in the app, where you can:

  • click on “Rate” and you will be redirected to the app in the app store to rate the app
  • click on “Send feedback” which will open an email template “Send feedback” where you can enter your feedback directly. This template will also contain information such as the used mobile device, connected trackers, etc. to help the dacadoo customer support understand the feedback better.

Pending Friend Request Page:

To better manage friend requests, dacadoo added a specific pending friend request page to better display all received friend requests on dacadoo. You can view, add or delete a friend request on that page.

Image: better handling of friend requests


Challenge-related messages added to the social news stream:

We added challenge messages and a news stream share to engage users and promote challenges better.

Image: Challenge-specific notifications in the social news stream


The following is integrated for challenges:

  • Addition of challenge-specific messages (welcome message, start/ end messages, ranking change notifications, etc.)
  • Challenge-specific posts will be displayed in the social news stream: you will automatically share your created or joined challenge on the social news stream. This will increase visibility of newly created challenges among users and drive engagement better.
  • Share public challenges on social media, email, etc. You are now able to share public challenges with your family, friends or colleagues on your personal social media platform, via email, etc. in order to engage them to join you in a great challenge.

Addition of Polish Language

We added the Polish language and now operate dacadoo in 11 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Korean).

Image: Addition of Polish Language for dacadoo

Image: Addition of Polish Language for dacadoo

4) Enhancements on the dacadoo Coach

Addition of Icons to better visualize message topics:

To help you identify/visualize the topic of a message better, we added an icon for each message topic on the right side of a coach message (e.g. nutrition, sleep). Each topic has its own icon, e.g. steps messages have a steps icon, nutrition messages have a nutrition icon, etc.

Image: dacadoo coach


New Coach Content & Further Coach Improvements:

dacadoo added new content and improved existing ones to guide you better with regards to your health and wellbeing.

New content has been added on the topics of sleep, BMI and blood pressure.

Existing content has been rephrased on the topics of medical history questions, general nutrition and quality of life questions.

Several nutritional goals were improved.

Image: dacadoo coach


5) New Features for dacadoo Partners/Clients

Sub-Branding for corporate clients:

dacadoo partners/clients that have an own white label instance of dacadoo will now be able to offer more branding functionalities to their corporate customers. In addition to the already available limited branding in the group functionality (logo image, background image, group description), the new release now offers the ability to upload the company logo of your corporate clients directly on to the client applications (IOS, Android, Web) as well as to offer a selected number of application background colors (light blue, dark blue, green and red).

Image: Sub-Branding for corporate clients

Addition of the Rewards/Points Shop:

A few months ago, we signed a strategic partnership with a world leading rewards partner who offers its rewards shop also in white label for its clients, and who offers a very flexible and modular shop experience for its customers.

The idea is to offer the dacadoo partners/clients a seamless end-to-end solution where users can “earn points” thanks to good lifestyle behavior (on dacadoo) and “burn points” in the rewards shop (of the partner).

As part of the strategic partnership, dacadoo has now connected its platform via APIs to the rewards/points platform of the reward partner and can now offer and demonstrate the full experience to its partners.

While the shop is visible for all users on the dacadoo application, it is only “activated” for selected and authorized users who can then exchange the gained points for great products, vouchers etc. in the dacadoo-branded web shop.

Image: the dacadoo-branded rewards shop.

Image: the dacadoo-branded rewards shop

As you well know, users are very different from each other in what type of trigger mechanism works for them, what motivates them to stay active and engaged. Some are triggered/motivated through gaming features, others through social features, others again through personalized feedback, the Health Score, or a combination of all. By adding a very attractive rewards shop, we can now also trigger/motivate the economically motivated users.



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