dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

October 9, 2016

Highlights of the newest dacadoo version 3.3.0 (October 2016)

We’re very excited to launch the newest version 3.3.0 of dacadoo! Today, let’s get a taste of the new functionalities and improvements we are introducing:

1) “Me” screen with additional and partly customizable parameters

  • The “Me” screen was divided into two pages to facilitate your navigation and avoid too much scrolling/wiping up and down. The second page is now displaying the “Health Score Comparison” and the “Health Score Timeline” and you can access it by either tipping/clicking on the “>” icon (the disclosure indicator) next to the Health Score, or on “Health Score Timeline” at the bottom of the first “Me” page. See (1) in the picture below.



  • We changed the layout of the 3 sub-scores (Lifestyle, Body and Feelings) but kept its functionality. You can tip/click on each sub-score to access the individual pages. See (2).
  • You want to be coached right now? No problem at all. Just tip/click on “Coach Me Now!” to access directly all available exercise, nutrition and general goals. See (3).
  • You want to join a challenge right now or check your status in a challenge you’re participating? Tip/click on “Challenges” and access directly all available challenges that you can join or check those you’re already participating in. See (4).
  • We’re also introducing a customizable dashboard with Today’s values, so that you can follow your preferred daily values right on your first screen. You decide what data points you want to see by tapping/clicking on “Edit” and adding, deleting or moving the data points of interest. See (5).

dacadoo customizable dashboard

  • Responding to many user requests, the Health Score evolution over time view can now be seen in a “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Custom” view by clicking on the enlarge icon. This feature was available already on the website but is now also available on the mobile apps.


2) Improvements on the “Coach” page

  • We renamed “Programs” to “Goals” for clarity and simplification reasons.
  • We also introduced a unified layout for accessing the “Goals” and “Achievements” sub-pages by offering 2 individual pages instead of one combined page. This will help you to navigate more easily.
  • The communication between the Coach and you was also improved by adding a “Skip” and a “Save” button to show that an answer from the user is expected but that the question can also be skipped.

dacadoo release highlight 3 3 0 COACH

  • We now display more prominently the completion of goals, and they now close automatically.
  • We introduced reminders for you to update your data points, when they get near to the expiry date of the data validity. If data points expire, they will not be used anymore in the calculation of the dacadoo Health Score which can result in sudden drops/increases. To avoid this, we added these reminders (blood values, blood pressure, resting heart rate).

dacadoo app reminders screen 2016

  • To provide new users also better guidance at the start of the dacadoo journey, we added a 5-step getting started program which will be delivered by the dacadoo Coach:
    • First steps on dacadoo (1/5): Time to log a workout
    • First steps on dacadoo (2/5): Time to join a nutrition goal
    • First steps on dacadoo (3/5): Time to answer some questions (lifestyle questions)
    • First steps on dacadoo (4/5): Find your friends on dacadoo, or invite them to join
    • First steps on dacadoo (5/5): Time to join a challenge

3) New functionalities and improvements on the “Track” page

  • We added the manual entry for Body Values to the “Track” Page to make it clearer that body values can be added and/or edited.
  • Yes! You can connect now your Strava with dacadoo as well as your Misfit devices as well.

STRAVA MISFIT connect to dacadoo

  • When tracking a workout, you now have the additional option to delete the workout instead of saving or pausing it. In case of deletion, the user will get a confirmation request beforehand, to avoid accidental deletion of workouts.

4) Introducing nutrition quizzes and other improvements on the “Social” page

  • How cool is that? The challenge-functionality who currently offers activity-based challenges will now be expanded with the introduction of nutrition quizzes. dacadoo is launching a completely new way on how to compete in a challenge with regards to nutrition. Individuals and/or teams can compete on most points attained in a nutrition quiz. The creation of the challenge is done in the same way as for activities challenges.

Introducing nutrition quizzes and other improvements on the Social screen

  • When you tracked an activity, you can be shared on social media. So far, the data we used to transmit to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter were very limited for security reasons. This functionality was now enhanced and improved visually, so you’re your tracks and workouts look much cooler on the various social media. Try it out!

dacadoo tracked an activity

5) Other news and improvements

  • Improvements on the Health Score: In our constant quest to improve the dacadoo Health Score we have decided to emphasize the Lifestyle and Body Scores more than we did in the previous version. Also latest scientific findings have been integrated into the calculation of the body score. Whilst the majority of users will not feel much difference, a few users can see a difference of up to 10%.
  • Additional language: We added the Dutch language and now operate in 10 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Korean).

dacadoo dditional language Dutch




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