Exercises to try out, Tips on gear

Exercises to try out, Tips on gear

September 19, 2016

Autumn and your exercise gear: What you need to know

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If you’re in the UK, Europe and some parts of the US, it’s time to start admitting that summer is coming to an end. Not only does this mean you need to get ready for the bad weather to hit, you also need to start thinking about what the new season means for your work out.

While autumn doesn’t mean that you need to totally give up exercising outside – although you may want to skip going for a run when it’s tipping down with rain – you do need to take a look at your workout wear.

Wearing the wrong exercise clothing in autumn can leave you feeling uncomfortable and cold, as well as increase your risk of injury. The cold weather means that you can burn more calories, but not if you’ve caught an illness, slipped on ice or got severe cramp.

Here’s what you need to know about your exercise gear this autumn:

Layer up

Just as with any other season throughout the year, temperatures can change fairly quickly. It may be cold and windy when you head out for a run, but before you know it, the sun could come out and you’ll be feeling the heat.

This is why layers are important when exercising in autumn, as they allow you to be reactive to the weather and tailor your kit to your needs.

Opt for light layers that allow you to totally cover up, but also won’t weigh you down when you need to take them off. Things like hats and long sleeves can help you avoid losing too much body heat, but can also be left at home if not required.

Be visible

Not only does autumn mean colder weather, it is also the time of year when the evenings start to close in earlier and the mornings are darker. This can cause a problem when exercising outside at these times as you may not be as visible to drivers, which can result in accidents.

You need to ensure that you are as visible as possible when working out, which means avoiding dark colours. It is also important that you add reflective elements to your gear, which can be strips or entire items of clothing. These will keep you visible throughout autumn and winter.

Check your shoes

It is vital that you wear shoes that have a good amount of grip on the bottom to help you avoid slipping when it’s raining, the ground is icy or it’s covered in wet leaves. If the soles of your shoes are quite worn, this means that it is more likely you will slip, which can result in injury.

Get yourself some comfortable, waterproof new trainers that will make it easier to exercise outside this autumn.

Get gloves

Many people forget about their hands when it comes to updating their kit for autumn, but your fingers can get incredibly cold when you’re outside. This is why you should get yourself some suitable gloves that will help shield your hands from the wind, but won’t lead you to overheat.

Gloves need to be breathable and light so as not to impact your running or comfort. You definitely want to avoid thick gloves or mittens, especially when you consider the fact that you’ll soon warm up once you get going.

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