dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

July 17, 2016

Highlights of the latest Product Release – dacadoo Version 3.2.0

dacadoo Version 3.2.0

dacadoo has just released a NEW update of the app and web version. The new version has a redesigned Coach, contains a number of improvements and bug fixes, but above all, much more nutrition content and programs. Hereafter a short description of the release highlights (Version 3.2.0):


Redesigned and simplified Coach view

The dacadoo Coach is a central element of the Feedback Loop, as it delivers the content (messages, questions, tips, reminders) at the right frequency and moment. The Coach interface has undergone a redesign to further simplify it by moving the Coach content to the 1st screen and the remaining menu items to the general settings.

dacadoo Coach interface


The general dacadoo information and support menu items are now available under the general settings and not under the Coach section anymore.

dacaoo settings screen

Additionally, the communication in chat-style with the Coach has been optimized.


19 additional nutrition goals and many more nutrition questions

To enrich the nutrition part of dacadoo we have added the below 19 nutrition goals about food, beverages and eating habits as well as many additional nutrition questions.

dacadoo Nutrition programs


Images for nutrition and activity goals

The new version contains many more images, which reinforces the Coach messages and emphasizes them. Moreover, the simple and discrete design “frame” makes the images stand out even more. Doesn’t this make the user experience much more visual and pleasant?

dacadoo Nutrition screens

And we will keep expanding the image library in order to boost the visual experience of dacadoo.


Badge counts to better show when there are new notifications

New Coach messages are now more visible thanks to the badge count both on the mobile and web app. You’ve got a message from the Coach? So much more evident now!



Emoticons in comments

We have also enabled all emoticons in the comments section, so that users can use their favorite emoticons to comment the activities their friends do.

dacadoo Emoticons screens


Optimization of connections to Garmin Connect and Polar

With 3.1.0 came also the connections to Polar devices and other Garmin devices via Garmin Connect in beta version.

With Version 3.2.0 most of the potential issues have been sorted out and solved for both Polar and Garmin connections.


Other improvements

The loading speed and performance of the mobile apps (iPhone, Android) as well as of the web app have been improved. Users can now get more quickly to the desired pages and data.

We have also improved the existing language style of the Coach content and ensured consistency in the way push messages are delivered.


Other releases are yet to come. Stay tuned in the following months!



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