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Keep Health Scoring – the June dacadoo challenge

We all know that doing regular physical activity has several benefits: it keeps you in good shape, improves your mood, can be fun, etc.

That’s why we created the Keep Health Scoring challenge. The aim of the challenge was to engage people in doing some regular activity and increase their dacadoo Health Score. The challenge lasted 30 days and the set goal was to Track the most days with energy more or equal than 2 MET h.

We are glad that 37 users participated and tracked their preferred activities. Compliments to all participants!

Congratulations especially to Manuele Raggi and Pierre Ukelo who managed to track 2 or more MET h on each day of the challenge and to Paul Frey, Urs Frischknecht, Karl-Heinz Gyurakovics and Semen Khramtsov who managed to track at least 2 MET h on 29 days.



Well done!



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