Staying fit at work

Staying fit at work

April 20, 2016

5 easy and fun ways to motivate your employees

Motivated employees are of great value. Motivated employees should not represent a big challenge anymore. As we like to say at dacadoo: it can be easy and fun.

But how to motivate employees? It is often easier than we think. Employees need to feel appreciated and indispensable. They need to be excited to go to work and enjoy spending time with their colleagues.

The solution is non-monetary incentives, which can be implemented according to the needs, culture and specificity of the company.

Here some simple ways to motivate your employees:

A pleasant atmosphere and work environment

As the employees spend a large amount of their lives in their offices, it is of outmost importance that they feel at their ease at work. Therefore, setting up spaces with relaxing furniture and recreational elements where the employees can take a break, relax or play cards will encourage them to stay at work.

Social events

Most employees try to separate their private life from their professional one. This does not mean that employers should try to force their employees to do differently. Instead, they should offer their employees occasions for meaningful and pleasant conversations. Friendliness and sense of belonging to the company can build bonds and sense of camaraderie.

Here’s what can be done in this regards:

  • Organize team lunches
  • Create sport leagues
  • Organize monthly happy hours at work
  • Create a platform for the promotion of activity groups

Encourage friendly competition

Encourage your employees to participate in challenges or competitions. A competitive environment is synonym of productive environment. In fact, as stated by some of our partners, company challenges are healthy and lead to greater team spirit.

Food as motivation fuel

The presence of free food in the office should not be underestimated. Keep healthy snacks and drinks in the office. They will encourage your employees to spend more time with colleagues and at work.

Start a tradition

In certain companies some events are considered great traditions and unique events. Some examples are: Christmas dinners, summer parties, thematic company anniversaries or 1 or 2-day sports events. In some companies these are such cool events that their employees are willing to anticipate or postpone their vacations in order to attend the event with their colleagues. So, start a tradition and keep it going!


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