Staying fit at work

Staying fit at work

April 6, 2016

What could a wellness program include?

In one of our previous blog articles we discussed the importance of employees’ well-being, the reasons for implementing a corporate wellness program and how to do it in a successful way.

People that feel motivated and are empowered to improve their health and well-being also at work are more challenged to do so.

Every business should hence consider the introduction of some measures that may increase employees’ satisfaction and motivation. Here some ideas to start with, which can be further developed and improved:

Healthy food promotion

Eating well is important both in the short-term, as it makes us feel and look good, and in the long-term because a healthy diet can prevent and reduce the risk of some diseases (e.g. heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, etc.).

Companies should consider offering healthier and more balanced variations of food in their cafeterias/canteens. With regards to snacks and drinks, there are also some healthy swaps that will contribute to healthier diets: nuts, low- fat yoghurts, and fresh fruit instead of the traditional sugary snacks, and tea and smoothies instead of sugary drinks.

Fitness programs

Fit employees are happier and more satisfied and as such they produce better results for their companies and work environments.

Fitness programs should be fun and flexible in order to encourage employees’ participation. Companies could for instance subsidize fitness centers subscriptions, offer in house gym equipment or organize courses (yoga, pilates, football, basketball, etc.).

Employee fun events

Once in a while companies could organize events and let their employees have fun at work. This will stimulate their creativity and consequently lead them to greater motivation.

Some ideas needed? A fun event could be anything ranging from a simple two-hour competition or sport tournament to an excursion to a two or three-day offsite.

Health fairs and events

In some countries health fairs are very common. These are professionally run events that are designed to provide education and basic medical screening at usually little cost or no cost for the employees. At these fairs employees can undertake some screening tests such as blood pressure, glucose cholesterol, height and weight, anemia, etc. Additionally, healthcare providers can provide professional information and more details on preventive measures.

Some bigger companies organize a yearly medical event where employees can get medical consultation as well as test screenings.

Smoking cessation

A company with a large number of smoking employees could consider implementing a smoking cessation program by providing educational material on the effects and risks of smoking, support and counseling. There are several compelling reasons for employees to quit: avoidance of different diseases.

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