Staying fit at work

Staying fit at work

March 21, 2016

The power of offsite activities to engage: the dacadoo example

We have recently discussed about corporate wellness programs and what they could include in order to motivate your employees. There are many different possibilities to increase employees’ engagement. However, if you recall one possible way to put into effect employee engagement is by organizing some employee team building and fun events.

dacadoo team

If companies are short on time and ideas, there are several organizations out there that can provide you consultancy on how to organize a fun, effective and memorable event for your employees. You can find the perfect idea tailored to your budget. You name it, they do it!

Companies can choose for instance to organize fun and motivational challenges among teams of colleagues, which is the reason why many companies address dacadoo, or culinary events, charity “give-back” engagement activities, offsite and onsite team building activities, etc.

dacadoo winter team dacadoo kick-off meeting

Offsite activities to engage

As a company that offers corporate health engagement solutions, we also try to internally put into effect engagement activities that motivate our own employees. In fact, at the end of January 2016, dacadoo organized a 2-day offsite annual kick-off workshop in Lenzerheide – a winter ski resort in the Swiss Alps – where the dacadoo employees got together to discuss and agree on the company strategy and annual plan. Of course, the program also foresaw some parallel leisure activities for team-building and fun (skiing, snowboarding, snow shoe walking, night sledging) and try new activities such as yoga. All this brought lot of fun moments, but it also helped all the team members to get prepared for the many challenges of the year waiting ahead.

dacadoo winter yoga session  dacadoo pingpong

dacadoo night sleddingdacadoo winter snow activity

Of course, the dacadoo app was of great support to track all these activities. dacadooers could track any of the above outdoor and indoor activities and check in real-time their health status. Now, how cool is that?

dacadoo yoga session mountains

dacadoo winter snow shoe hiking

dacadoo Kickoff health score

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