dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

March 21, 2016

Highlights of the latest Product Release (Version 3.1)

Zurich, March 2016 – We have just released the next dacadoo product update.

Hereafter, you will find a summary of the main highlights and improvements:

More and better connections to third party devices and apps


Upon frequent request of dacadoo users around the globe, we have now added the connection to Polar devices. This way, dacadoo users who own a Polar device can connect their Polar Flow data to dacadoo and thereby allow automatic data transfer from their tracked workouts on Polar devices onto dacadoo. dacadoo integrates steps, moves including GPS track points and heart rate data tracked by Polar. Additionally, we have enhanced the existing connections to Fitbit and Garmin. Regarding the Fitbit connection, up until now dacadoo integrated weight, body fat mass, step and sleep data from Fitbit’s activity trackers and weighing scale. Now, heart rate as well as moves including GPS track points can be imported as well. Regarding the Garmin connection, dacadoo so far integrated steps from Garmin vivo devices. Now we extended the connection to all Garmin devices, so that moves including GPS track points can be integrated as well. The new and enhanced connections are currently available in beta. Over the coming weeks we’ll iron out all issues so that the connections will work out flawlessly.

Addition of average heart rate in manual entries of workouts

dacadoo app HEART RATE

You can now add average heart rate as an additional data point, when you enter workouts manually via the mobile app or the web access. This feature provides an additional metric of the intensity of the exercise.

Relocation of the live map on the iPhone

dacadoo app LIVE MAP

We moved the “live map” – which shows who and at which places your friends are currently working out – to the top right header in the “Social” tab. Click on the map icon and you get access to the live map.

Coach messages in chat-style

dacadoo app COACH CHAT STYLE

The messages by the dacadoo coach have been improved towards a chat-like style. There is also an instruction of what to do together with a time stamp, so that you see when you got the coach message. Additionally, we added more nutrition related content. You will see a gradual increase of the nutrition content during the coming months.

General performance improvements

We improved loading speed and performance on the mobile apps (iPhone, Android) as well as on the web access, so that you can get much quicker access to the desired pages and data.

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