dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

December 11, 2015

dacadoo is always on the move

We are excited to announce that dacadoo has recently released the new 3.0.2 dacadoo version.

Not long time ago we talked about dacadoo 3.0 with EunJo and now it is time to talk about 3.0.2

The latest version has undergone some fixes of minor bugs and several improvements of already existing features.
The user interface has been further improved (e.g. buttons, font size, notifications), some questions have been removed and certain functions have been slightly changed. It all simply works better now!
Of course, dacadoo 3.0.2 includes several new features that our users will absolutely fall in love with. One of them is the following one: photos are now visible in the news stream in the social tab both on mobile and web, which will make the social and sharing experience even more fun.

Highlights of dacadoo 3.0.2

We won’t reveal it all but here just a few improvements/new features regarding the iOS, Android and Web app:


The dacadoo Coach is performing even better now (chat with coach, needed information by user, etc.)
Small improvements have been done here and there, e.g. graphs can now be seen in a full screen format.



The Android users will be very happy to discover that the dacadoo Coach is now available also for Android. They will be able to get coaching, answer his questions, take part in suggested programs, etc.
Also, users can now receive points for completed programs.



The GPX import/export function has been reintroduced on the Web app. From now on all users that have a device using GPS for tracking their workouts can now import them on dacadoo using the GPX file format. This is how they can do it: Log in on dacadoo > Click on “Track” > Click on “Upload GPX” > Choose the activity, upload a GPX file and, if you want, one or more photos and click on “Save”.

dacadoo WEB screenshot 2015

Moreover, web and mobile are more consistent now. Adding tracking devices and apps can be done by clicking on “Track” > “Add Tracking Devices/Apps”.

GPX dacadoo WEB screenshot 2015

This is such a cool gift for dacadoo users before Christmas, isn’t it?

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