Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

December 7, 2015

Who is the most active member of the Medical Fitness Association?

Recently dacadoo supported the first ever Medical Fitness Association dacadoo challenge – a four-week competition that engaged the members of the Medical Fitness Association.

The Medical Fitness Association 2015 dacadoo challenge was a fitness activity tracking competition that took place from October, 19th to November, 16th, where MFA members across the whole world could compete against each other for fun, honor, recognition and cool prizes.
Participants could join the all fitness challenge and track any activity of their choice: running, mountain biking, dancing, yoga, exercising on a cross trainer, etc.

This challenge was indeed a great success as it proved that dacadoo challenges are a great tool to encourage people’s engagement and trigger competitive spirit as well as the possibility of setting and achieving goals.

Thanks to the features and the dacadoo support, participants stayed motivated throughout the whole duration of the challenge.

And here the winners of the challenge based on kcal:

  1. st place: Paige Jones (Swiss visit prize)
  2. nd place: Cathy Lisowski (Apple watch price)
  3. rd place: Josh Yarbrough (GoPro)


The bonus prize winners (based on MET h) are:

  • Hali Shockey (Apple watch)
  • Lauren Jeffrey (Go Pro)

Moreover, the participants could participate in the “Best Photo” side contest and win by posting the he best photo on social media and tagging @dacadoo with the hash tag #MFA.
Here the winner of the side contest, Philip Raper and the winning picture:

Philip Raper MFA dacadoo challenge winner 2015

Medical Fitness Association dacadoo challenge 2015 photo winner msize

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