dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

November 26, 2015

New features that will improve your dacadoo experience

Very recently the new version of dacadoo was launched. With a set of new and cool features, dacadoo 3.0 improved the user experience, making it much more interesting and appealing to use.

How does dacadoo 3.0 compare to the previous version?

Eun Jo LeeAccording to EunJo Lee, Development Director at dacadoo, this app is full of improvements that can be appreciated every day. New features will make your experience more intuitive and more engaging.

So here a list of some of the highlights…


1) How can the new user experience be described?

The new user experience provides a new look and feel to the user. Compared to the previous versions, the interaction with the app is easier and more intuitive. The user can get the information there, where he expects it to be. However, there is an ongoing optimization process, as our app has so many elements to show to the user.

dacadoo APP screens

2) And what about the navigation?

Also the navigation has been improved. We have a lot of content in our app, which previously most of the users did not see due to the navigation concept. The user path is clearer now and the disclosure is more progressive. The content is placed more effectively; the menu and the submenu are structured in a clearer way.
For example, the 3 pillars of the personal Health Score (lifestyle, body and feelings) appear in the navigation, and the user can dig deeper into each of these components to understand more what is behind them.

dacadoo v3 Android App screenshots

3) All in all the new look is…?

The app underwent some changes, which led to a simpler and cleaner interface.
“Color with pictures”: we removed some of the previous colors in order to make the pictures uploaded by the user stand out.
dacadoo is about you and your lifestyle. It is therefore important that the app gives you just the frame to detail your life on dacadoo.

dacadoo v3 Android App screenshots2

4) A beautiful way to keep you motivated?

Yes absolutely, we invested and will invest in more personal feedback coming from the dacadoo coach in the future. Therefore, we introduced the coach in the main navigation of the application, which is the starting point for information, coaching around your activities like movement and nutrition. In the future, we will extend these areas to stress and sleep coaching.

5) What is your personal highlight besides the mentioned above?

The dacadoo points system. Besides the Health Score, the real-time indicator of your health and well-being expressed in a number that ranges from 1 to 1,000, users can collect points all over the platform. As opposed to the Health Score, they are more related to the user activities on the platform. Healthy behavior like doing movement activities, answering questions asked by the coach regarding your nutrition, your mental health, and your medical history, taking part in programs related to movement (Walking, Running, and Cycling) are all activities that reward the user with points. In the future we plan to extend the content in all these areas, in order to be able to offer even more collectable points. We motivate users not only to increase their Health Score, but also to hunt for points with healthy behavior. The Health Score will rise with time and healthy behavior, but health is a long-term investment, which does not give back the immediate reward. That is the reason why the dacadoo point system was introduced; the user gets rewarded immediately whenever behaving healthy. This way he gets motivated to continue with his healthy behavior.

dacadoo iOS App Version 30 screen

6) Besides these highlights, what has been consistently reused from the old system?

We have reused the group system (which is exclusively for our corporate customers), challenge system (with many new challenge goals), social friending and commenting, news stream of your friends and the live map. All these features were very appreciated in the past and therefore are still present in the new dacadoo version.
With regards to challenges, there are many new achievable goals in addition to the fact the creation of challenges is more flexible.

The more you use dacadoo 3.0, the more you will wonder how you ever did without it.
Other enhancements are foreseen that will improve your user experience.

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