Staying fit at work

Staying fit at work

November 19, 2015

A successful wellness program in 5 points

As a company active in the digital health industry, striving for well-being and promoting corporate wellness is our mission.

Corporate wellness is getting more recognized as well as supported. Companies have understood that their employees’ well-being is a serious matter, which leads to better company success and saves money. Moreover, employees with a healthy lifestyle are happier and more motivated. Its benefits are therefore several, well-being and better lifestyles bring benefits to all parties involved: employers, employees, and partners.

Unfortunately, corporate wellness is not a one-off thing. It is a program, or series of programs, that implies a longer-term strategy. Keys to a successful corporate wellness program are multiple: people’s motivation, engagement, support and, last but not least, fun.

Like every change, the introduction of a corporate wellness program in your company implies a lot of effort in terms of time and commitment.


From our professional perspective, here some suggestions that might persuade you to introduce corporate health programs:

  1. Higher awareness leads to a healthier environment and to greater success. The whole world is becoming more conscious about health and well-being issues. However, due to our stressful rhythm of life and jobs, we are not always able to dedicate enough time to relaxation, sport and relax activities, which consequently leads us to unhealthy living, less motivation at work and eventually to a lower productivity.
    So, companies, why not offer a health awareness & engagement solution, or organize a 10k run among colleagues?
  2. It can be easy & fun! Corporate wellness programs should not be boring. Creating special series of events and programs could help engage your employees and insure a long-term success, but they need a touch of fun. People like challenges, games and rewards.
  3. Many risks are avoidable. Data of dacadoo users show that the Health Score solution works! According to an analysis on over 67,000 dacadoo users in 2014 showed that on average, 80% of users improved their “healthy years” by +2.5 years, and also reduced several modifiable health risk factors considerably.
  4. Cutting the costs. Healthcare costs are constantly rising for both employers and employees. This is where corporate wellness comes into play. A corporate wellness program helps and motivates employees to stay healthy and feel much better which in turn results in lower healthcare costs for both.
  5. A worthy but long-term strategy. Corporate wellness programs need to be planned in the right way: the appropriate solution needs to be conceptualized, its execution has to be done with the right partners and the support has to be continuous.

It is very challenging, but investing in corporate wellness and make it part of your company culture is of outmost importance. It needs great commitment, but the final outcome is a healthier environment.


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