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A challenging October Sprint

What is good for adrenaline? Nothing better than a sprint, we would say.

This holds especially now. Just before the launch of the new dacadoo version, dacadoo 3.0, we decided to create an ALL FITNESS public challenge, which took place from October 1st to October 8th, 2015.

Challenge accepted by 63 people! They participated by tracking all their workouts and sport activities with the goal to achieve the most normalized energy (MET h).

After the one week sprint, we can announce the 3 winners:

  1. First prize goes to David Baer with MET h 155.4,
  2. Second prize goes to Morten Jurs with MET h 112
  3. Third prize goes to Eirik Naess with MET h 100.7

As always, congratulations to all the winners but also to the other 60 participants who engaged in this one week challenge.


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