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September 15, 2015

Should patients own their own medical data?

Should patients own their own medical data? (iStock)

All patients should be given the right to own their own personal health data, according to a new report.

Published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, scientists Leonard Kish and Eric Topol propose that in order for the benefits of digital medicine to be fully utilised, personal health data should belong to a shared database in which patients have access to their own records.

In the US, health data is spread across a wide range of online and offline means: from electronic health record systems and clinical trial databases to imaging files and personal health apps.

However, Mr Kish and Mr Topol state that any organisation or standardisation of medical data is lacking. It is quite difficult to move health data from one place to another, they are convinced that the creation of a shared data management system that gives individuals the right to own their own health data will pave the way for a new high-definition era of medicine.

Although the medical community in the US believes that patients are unable to deal with or handle their own data, Mr Topol explains that in fact, patients are fully capable of managing their own data and through doing so increase their sense of wellbeing and form a solid relationship with their physician.

The researchers coined the term “UnPatient” for the new model of data ownership, explaining that not only will this provide personal control, but also create a globally acknowledged medical resource.

Essentially, for the health data economy to thrive, ownership of data must take the lead. Each individual should have a “civil right” to own and manage their own health data in one place – and here at dacadoo we believe in just that.

That’s why when you create a dacadoo account, your data belongs to you. Through the privacy settings in your personal account, you can manage what information you wish to share with others and want to keep private, while we work to ensure all your data is securely protected.

We use state-of-the-art multi-layered security methods to store your Health Score data deep inside our Swiss data centre for the best physical security, all the while complying with the best practice data protection and privacy laws in the industry.

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