Staying fit at work

Staying fit at work

September 15, 2015

How to introduce exercise to your employees

How to introduce exercise to your employees (iStock)

As an employer, there’s nothing more important than ensuring the wellbeing of your employees is in tip-top condition. What some employers don’t realise, though, is that staff who are inactive and unfit are likely to have low levels of productivity. This can be detrimental to the ethos of a business.

It is important, therefore, to encourage your employees to be fit and healthy. While this can be tricky in office environments, where little physical movement is required, there are a number of ways in which exercise can be introduced.

Here are just a few:

Charity bike ride

Many companies host bake sales in a bid to get everybody involved and raise some money for a good cause. While this is all well and good, indulging in sweet treats won’t work wonders for your employees’ health in the long-run.

Rather than a bake sale, why not hold a charity bike ride? This could be anything from cycling to the next town or even city. Ask your employees to take part and raise money for their chosen charity through sponsors.

This is a fun and energetic way to get your employees together and fit at the same time.

Lunchtime yoga

Many employees spend their lunchtimes simply sat at their computer desk, browsing the internet. This isn’t a very productive way to make the most of this time. Lunchtimes at work are are a great way to get out of the office, stretch your legs and get things done.

You can help your employees to use their lunchtimes wisely by hosting a yoga session for 30 minutes or even an hour. This could take place on one or two lunchtimes each week, so employees can be prepared to bring in their workout clothes and mats.

Practicing yoga will help your staff to feel relieved of tension and stress, encouraging them to enter a calmer and more focused state of mind. This will help to set them up for the remainder of the day, allowing them to be more productive in their work tasks.

Gym membership benefits

Lots of businesses have monthly, quarterly or annual targets to achieve. If these are met, employees receive rewards, such as cash bonuses or a paid company lunch.

You could introduce another incentive to your workplace in the form of a free gym membership. It’s known that these can be expensive, often putting people off from signing up.

By providing your employees with a membership to their chosen gym, they will be more likely to go.

Team-building activity days

Team meetings can often be dull and lack any form of excitement. If a meeting lasts longer than an hour, concentration levels begin to wane and employees can begin to feel irritable.

If you want your staff to bond with each other, why not organise a team-building activity day? This could take place during working hours and involve playing sports or embarking on a treasure hunt.

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