dacadoo in the news

dacadoo in the news

September 11, 2015

dacadoo mentioned by the Swiss Newspapers

Press Review: dacadoo mentioned in several Swiss newspapers in September 2015

On Sunday, September 6th, 2015 dacadoo was featured in an article on lifestyle-based insurance products on the title page of Sonntags-Blick, Switzerland’s most read Sunday newspaper. Given the interesting topic about health insurance companies interested in offering discounts on healthy behavior, various daily newspapers picked up the story the following day across all of Switzerland  20 MinutenTages Anzeiger and Basler Zeitung etc.

dacadoo in the swiss newspapers 2015

According to the market research institute GFK, more than 50 million data fitness activity trackers will be in circulation worldwide until the end of the year 2015. For the insurance companies, digital health is an opportunity to innovate and introduce new types of products, such as lifestyle-based insurance products, who provide discounts for healthy behavior. “The measurement of lifestyle data is the future in the insurance industry ,” says Peter Ohnemus (50) , President and CEO of dacadoo.

His company has developed a health score index, based on movement, sleep and nutrition data. But also mental well-being data flows into the Health Score. According to Ohnemus, several Swiss life and health insurance companies are interested in the service. “In the base insurance, the solidarity principle will continue to exist by law and it is undisputed that sick people need to be well insured”, he says. However, we counter argues: “It is not in solidarity, if someone who does a lot of sports and takes care of his health, will have to pay the same insurance premium like someone else, who chooses to smoke, drink and remain completely inactive.”


20 MinutenTages AnzeigerBasler Zeitung and Sonntags Blick

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