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Challenges at Your Fingertips!

With the new dacadoo version 3.0, we made several improvements and introduced new functionalities which are very powerful.

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Mobile Challenges

First, you can create your own challenges directly via the dacadoo mobile app (iPhone, Android) with an easy challenge creation wizard. Of course, you can also create challenges also via the web access on

More than 115 activities

Second, you are able to select any of the more than 115 different outdoor and indoor fitness activities as your challenge activity, and you can select one specific (e.g. running) or a set of activities (e.g. running, swimming, cycling). This is a significant enhancement of the system and offers you a lot of creative freedom to set up your challenges.

Challenge Start and End

Third, you are able to define not only the start and end date of the challenge but you can define the exact start and end time!


Finally, once you created the challenge, you now can edit the challenge title, the challenge description as well as the challenge picture and team names if you wish to do so.

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