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Final Ranking The Fastest 10Km Running Cup 2015

The Fastest 10Km Running Cup 2015Final Ranking The Fastest 10Km Running Cup 2015

After 60 days of competition this challenge has ended and we can celebrate the winning teams!

46 dacadooers have joined to measure themselves on the 10km distance. The goal was to complete the 10K distance in the shortest time! In this challenge, you have been racing against yourself and tried to track your best time.

Compared to the last week there has been some change in the top 3 ranked. Loftis all time best was not improved neither Florns but Reto managed to run faster than Pascal in this challenge. Well done guys!



The winners of the challenge are:

  1. Lofti Zippy – fastest 10k tracking was 38m 48s
  2. Florn Stoffel – fastest 10k tracking was  43m 15s
  3. Reto Niedermann – fastest 10k tracking was 43m 24s


Current full Fastest 10Km Running Cup 2015:

Ranking 10k challenge dacadoo

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