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How can I calculate my Health Score?

dacadoo Health ScoreThe Health Score summarizes the health status of an individual into one number that measures the overall health and wellbeing of a person in real time. The Health Score indicator is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1000 (high) that moves up or down, depending on how your body, emotional wellbeing, or lifestyle data change.

When tracked over time, it offers a robust indicator of how your health and wellbeing are evolving. Conceptually, it is based on who you are (body), how you feel (emotional well-being) and how you live your life (lifestyle, with exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep).


Innitial dacadoo Health Score calculationGetting your Health Score is very easy to do

You just need to register as a new user on dacadoo to obtain your first, personal Health Score. You can either register on or by downloading the dacadoo app in the corresponding app stores for iPhone or Android.

Once registered, you will get a first Health Score that is based on only four values:

  1. your gender
  2. your age
  3. your height
  4. your weight

You might be surprised that you can get a Health Score after entering these 4 data points but this is actually done on purpose, to get you hooked and interested. The idea is to not force you to provide too many data points right at the start and to let you first discover the dacadoo journey, before deciding to provide more data points with time and in a dynamic way.

Your first Health Score does not only contain the 4 data points you provide, but also contains estimated (imputed) values for all other data points used to compute your Health Score, by using models generated from the large and robust database which contains by now well over 100 million people-years of clinical data and millions of people-years of real-life data. Once you provide more real-life data of yourself, the imputed values will be replaced by your real data points.

Health Score Calculation

Of course, the more data points you provide over time, the better, more accurate, and more personal your Health Score will become. Each user decides for him/herself, how many data points he/she wants to provide and what level of accuracy is good enough for them.

dacadoo Health Score Infographic

Infographic: Not all users want to track everything, so it is important to provide this flexibility.


Please note that it is not a medical diagnostic tool and therefore does not substitute the diagnosis of a medical professional.

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