dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

July 7, 2015

Understanding your Health Score: introducing the “timeline”

The new version 3.0 introduced a timeline to better understand the changes in your Health Score.


For those of you who use dacadoo in the past, you knew that we displayed your personal Health Score ranging between 1 and 1,000, as well as how your Health Score was composed by its three pillars: body, feelings and lifestyle activities. As the Health Score is a real-time indicator of your current health and wellbeing, it does move up or down regularly, depending on how your body, feeling and/or lifestyle activity data change. These changes haven’t always been intuitive to understand for you and so far we haven’t explained these changes to you. This has changed with the introduction of the dacadoo timeline in version 3.0…

dacadoo timeline screen

In a nutshell, the Health Score Timeline provides you with the explanation of the changes in your Health Score and shows you exactly why your Health Score moved up by +1 point or dropped by -7 points for instance. We are convinced that this new feature is of great added value as it provides lots of transparency.

Furthermore, we continued our work on refining the multiple models and algorithms in the Health Score engine, which get more and more robust with the increasing amount of data. By now, we’ve accumulated well above 100 million people years of clinical data plus millions of real life user data, and these data sets helped us to refine and recalibrate the Health Score. As a result, some of you have experienced slight changes to your Health Scores with the introduction of the new version 3.0. For some, the Health Score moved up, and for others, the Health Score dropped. The size of increase or drop depends on the amount of data you’ve entered. Here as well, we’re convinced that the improvements applied to the new Health Score are beneficial and make the engine more robust.

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