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Current status Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge

Current status at the public dacadoo challenge “Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge”.

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After one month of competition it’s time to share the leaderboard with you.

This challenge is quite “private” as only few dacadooers joined the challenge. Nevertheless, the competition is on, and the goal is to track the maximum individual ascent during cycling. GPS-based tracks recorded via the dacadoo app or other connectable fitness trackers are allowed for this challenge but no manual entries.

The current leaderboard is below:

  1. Alejandro Callejo, tracked so far 25,123 meters ascent
  2. Marek Rydzewski, tracked so far 1,021 meters ascent
  3. Gabriel Souleyre, tracked so far 918 meters ascent

Not all of you have started tracking activities, so you still have 1 month to challenge Alejandro who is curving in the Pyrenees, so go search a mountain an challenge the man.

Current Ranking of the Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge

Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge_Ranking

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