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dacadoo @Events

June 25, 2015

Jornada Inovação e Ordem do Mérito Industrial

The Industry Federation of Santa Catarina State, Florianopolis – Brazil, promoted in May15 the 4th Journey of Innovation and Competitivity. One section of that program was dedicated to Worksite Health Promotion and Quality of Life. This Journey happened just after the Global Healthy Workplace Summit, at the same place (

LivWell, dacadoo representative for Brazil, took place on the seminar.

Luis Figueiredo, LivWell Director, was interviewed and addressed the importance of companies more and more investing on Health Promotion instead of dealing with Sicknesses.

Health plans are becoming too expensive for companies, although it is the most valuable benefit for employees. He said, “healthier people are, happier they will be, more productive and companies save money from that”.

It is time to invest on Health Prevention !

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