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Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge

Current status at the dacadoo public challenge “Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge”

After a few weeks of competition, it’s high time for a first intermediate ranking update. As you remember, it is designed for those who really want to climb mountains!

Please remember it’s only GPS-tracks are allowed, so track you cycling rides with the dacadoo app for iPhone or Android app for smartphones, or any other fitness tracker that lets you track GPS and that is connectable to dacadoo.

Track the most ascent Cycling Challenge

Please share with us your best photographic captures during the mountain bike workouts so that we can share them on the next update.

Now Alejandro is clearly leading the pack here he seems to track really a lot of ascents with his bicycle! Wow!!

The current leader board of the challenge:

  1. Alejandro Callejo climbed more than 13107 meters
  2. Marek Rydzewski climbed more than 623 meters
  3. Gabriel Souleyre climbed more than 493 meters


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