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Current status attain Most Ascent Mountain Biking

Current status at the dacadoo public challenge “Attain Most Ascent Mountain Biking Cup 2015”

We’re two weeks in this competition, so it’s time to share a first status. To date, 13 out of the 27 participants have started tracking ascent with their mountain bikes. Keep it going and for those of you who haven’t started yet, get out there and start pedaling. You have time to work on your ascent meters until end of July 2015.


Please share with us your best photographic captures during the mountain bike workouts so that we can share them on the next update.

Current leader board:

  1. Remo Kluser has tracked total ascent of 5127 meters
  2. Morten Hannesbo has tracked total ascent of 3453 meters
  3. Hermann Kollmar has tracked total ascent of 2472 meters

Now if we compare those achievements with the highest peaks of the planet Remo has climbed almost as high as Mount Ararat in Turkey 5,137 meters. Morten climbed the Mount Andromeda with 3,450 meters and Hermann climbed almost the exact high of the Špik in Slovenia with 2,472 meters.


Have fun and we wish you a great continuation in this challenge.


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