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Current ranking at the Cycling Challenge

After 2 weeks of competition, it’s high time to share the current ranking of the cycle teams and its 39 participants. The goal is to attain the highest average distance per team and 10 teams are competing for the top positions.

dacadoo Cycling Challenge

See current ranking of the Cycling Challenge below:

  • BIANCHI team with an average distance of 463.2km
  • TREK team with an average distance of 385.8km
  • GIANT team with an average distance of 126.3km

Ranking Cycling Challenge

Keep on pedaling, there are 2 more weeks to go!

When this public team challenge will conclude towards end of May 2015, we will finalize the series of team challenges we started since beginning of year and move towards some individual competitions during summer and autumn.

Keep on tuned on competition to see what’s coming.

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