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Last days of the Running Team Challenge


Status after the first 3 weeks of the Running Team Challenge
The goal of this public team running challenge, is to track the highest possible average team distance. The team challenge is organized in 10 teams that are named after popular sports shoes brands.

In the current ranking the Salomon team has been able to keep the 1st rank more than doubling the average distance from last week 66.6km to 131.3km. Good job, it’s never easy to stay on the top and it seems that the Salomon team is achieving exactly this.

Not so far behind on the second rank we have the Under Armour team with a average distance of 99.577 km has also ben able to keep the 2st rank. Congratulations!

Now the 3rd rank has changed compared to last week. The adidas team is far behind now and instead of the adidas team we have the Asics team which still is largest team of the challenge – the Asics team with 17 team members –  with 59.673km average tracked running distance so far. Wow, well done guys!


Running Team Challenge ranking right now
Running Team Challenge Ranking