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March 23, 2015

Lift startup conference under the dome of the Swiss Parliament


Article translated from the Swiss french Magazine BILAN in Geneva.

Switzerland, a startup nation?

Lift startup conference

At a time when the strong Swiss franc makes the issue of the competitiveness of the crucial Swiss economy, the country’s innovative capacity is presented as one of the main avenues that could generate additional value necessary for our prosperity.


Unfortunately, innovation is not decreed. We must enrich and nourish. Including through favorable framework conditions that do not hesitate to exploit competitors. Improve the framework conditions is precisely the purpose of the first Lift conference under the dome that stands the 18th of March 2015 at the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland.


There is one year following the presentation of the 50 start-ups of BILAN Magazine within the Lift Conference in Geneva framework, our magazine has joined the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurs Le Réseau (“Network“) to launch a clear manifesto for the Swiss start-ups. He proposed to support a dozen targeted measures for these young companies. Signed by more than 750 individuals and businesses, this manifesto is now an extension through the first event dedicated to meet and work these young entrepreneurs with the political and administrative decision-makers of the country.


In this first edition, entrepreneurs like Peter Ohnemus, CEO of dacadoo, Carlos Moreira, CEO of WISeKey, Christophe Moser, co-founder of Light Composyt labs (an EPFL spin off recently acquired by Intel) and the venture capital investor, Alain Nicod will not only expose the obstacles to the development of start-ups in Switzerland, but also make a number of proposals. “We chose a nerve format with short presentations of the practical difficulties faced by start-up followed three proposals for solutions to be discussed,” said Abir Oreibi, president of the Lift Conference.

Tweet from Peter Ohnemus, Founder of dacadoo:

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