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Current standings at the Nations Cup Team Challenge last week to go

Current standings at the Nations Cup Team Challenge with 1 last week to go


After nearly 3 months of competition, we’re getting close towards the end of the Nation’s Cup Team Challenge competition, with roughly 1 week to go.

There has been a lot of movement among the Country Teams in the past weeks and days. The most impressive ranking change has been accomplished by the French team, as they first surpassed the Norwegian Team and now also succeeded in surpassing the Russian team. The French team will be difficult to stop now! What a stunning performance, well done! Now bring your title safely home in this last days of competition.

The Russian team continues strongly at the 2nd place, closely followed by the Norwegian team at 3rd rank. It will be very difficult for the 4th ranked Australian team to scratch at the 3rd rank now but still, a great performance at 4th place and in need to defend this position, as the Brazilian team is getting closer to compete for the 4th rank as well! This will be an interesting development in the last days now.

For all other teams, keep it going, it’s great to see you all so active. Only 1 week to go now.

Team Challenge Nations Cup Ranking:


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