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Winners of the public challenge series „Among Friends”


Among Friends

The goal of this new public challenge series was to regroup dacadoo’ers with similar levels of Health Scores, so that the competition and ability to achieve top ranks is more fun and fairer. It was an All Fitness challenge, which means that participants could track any of the >115 indoor and outdoor activities that are recognized on dacadoo. After one month of competition, we’re very pleased to announce the winners of the 3 public challenges.

Congratulations to all participants and to the winners of the Among Friends Challenge!


Winners: Among Friends below 700 Health Score

  1. Philipp Hiese 156.9 MET h
  2. Frank Schröder 146.7 MET h
  3. David Dürenmatt 98.9 MET h


Winners: Among Friends Health Score 700 – 800

  1. Stefan Hässig 347.1 MET h
  2. Jürg Stähelin 314.6 MET h
  3. Sebastian Morzinek 276.2 MET h


Winners: Among Friends above 800 Health Score

  1. Eirik Naess 460 MET h
  2. Steve Hiestand 448.9 MET h
  3. Oern Stuge 387.1 MET h



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