dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

March 3, 2015

The meaning of dacadoo

Manuel Heuer the COO of dacadoo explaining the meaning of dacadoo via YouTube video.

Many people ask us what the name dacadoo stands for and where it comes from.

When we adventured into finding a suitable name for our company and for our digital and mobile health engagement platform, we decided to go for a fantasy name who was easy to pronounce across various cultures and languages, sounded positive and had a nice history to it.


dacadoo comes from the rhythm, when you hit with your fingers on a drum: da-ca-doo, da-ca-doo, da-ca-doo, etc. and we like it because we say it’s the “digital rhythm of life”. It has the word “do” in it, as our solution is on one side a health/wellness assessment but mainly, it’s a solution for you to do something good for yourself. Hence, the logo with the heart and the OK sign. Did you dacadoo today?

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