Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

February 27, 2015

Nations Cup Challenge 1 month to go

Current standings of dacadoo’s Nations Cup team challenge with 1 month to go!

After 2 month of competition in dacadoo’s Nations Cup Team Challenge competition, the Russian Federation team was able to keep the leading position with an impressive team average of 563.4 MET h! Just to give you some perspective, this performance is like tracking >3 hours of walking EVERY day since the beginning of the competition! Wow and congratulations for keeping the great pace during more than 2 month now! The French Team climbed the ranking ladder steadily to the current 2nd team rank with a total of 526.3 MET h, overtaking the Norwegian team which continued strong and is now ranked at 3rd place with 512 MET h.

All top 3 teams still have it in the hands to challenge each other for the top ranks, so the last month should be interesting to follow.

For all other participants, keep it going, it’s great to see you all so active. Only 1 month to go.

See the current leaderboard in real-time here:

Nations Cup Challenge Ranking – after 2 month:


Nations Cup Challenge Ranking – after 1 month:


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