Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

February 12, 2015

Status: Among friend > 800 Challenge

Current standings at the dacadoo „Among friends with Health Scores > 800” public challenge

On February 1st, 2015 we started a new category of challenges to regroup dacadooers according to their level of Health Score and let them compete on the same level.
Currently 23 participants have joined this ALL FITNESS challenge, meaning that you can track any of the over 115 indoor and outdoor activities that we recognize on dacadoo.
The category “Health Score > 800” is already a great achievement by itself, as only 1% of all dacadooers actually qualify in this group. Well done!

With regards to the current standing in this 1-month competition, we’re pleased to share the current ranking:


This is the 2 week leaderboard for the among friends > 800 challenge:

ranking_Among friend 800 Challenge_

Eirik is leading the group with a total of 154.9 MET h produced so far. This is a great achievement and corresponds to someone who ran 2 hours per day, every day since the competition started on February 1st, 2015. Well done! There are another 2 weeks to go in this challenge, so keep it going strong and challenge the first ranked Eirik, Andreas and Petter.

Please do send us your best challenge workout moments in photos we would love to share them on our next blog update.

To see the entire and current leaderboard please log in to the challenge page

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