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The best Valentine’s fitness gifts

Top 5 Valentine's fitness gifts - Image Credit: Thinkstock

With Valentine’s Day a matter of days away, many people will be wracking their brains to try and think of the perfect gift to get their loved one. However, if your partner is committed to their health and fitness, getting them a box of chocolates may not be the best idea. This is especially true if your other half is trying lose weight.

This means that you may need to think a little outside the box if you want to get your boyfriend or girlfriend a Valentine’s present they will love. However, there are many possibilities and we’ve created the perfect gift guide to ensure you get the right gift for your other half.

Running gear

For people that love hitting the track, there is no better gift than brand new running gear. Specialised running equipment can be a little expensive and isn’t usually something people think about buying themselves until their old trainers or jackets get too used to wear or completely break. Of course, you’ll need to know your other half’s size but this can be easily found out if you haven’t been together a while. You’ll also have to take into consideration their colour preferences, though black is always a safe and flattering choice if you aren’t sure.

Treating your partner to some new running gear can be the perfect gift and help them improve their Health Score as well as your relationship!​


In order to improve your Health Score, you also need to focus on a good diet to ensure you get the nutrition you need. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has been trying to stick to a good diet and boost the amount of fruit and vegetables they consume, a Nutribullet could be the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

These devices are becoming incredibly popular with fitness fanatics as they can are a quick and easy way of getting all the nutrients you need, and is something both you and your partner can enjoy.


Weights are incredibly useful and more people are now realising that they are not just for guys that want to have bulging muscles. Both men and women can make use of weights as they can be a fantastic way to tone up bits of your body. The best thing about weights is you can spend as much or as little as you want, making sure that it fits with your budget this Valentine’s Day.


The benefits of massage after exercise are many, but few people actually get themselves a professional one. This can be the ideal treat for your other half, especially if they love running and are training for a big event. Whether your partner is male or female, a massage will make them feel spoilt and ensure they are ready for their next workout.

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