dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

January 29, 2015

What can you use with dacadoo?

What can you use with dacadoo - Image Credit: Thinkstock/iStock

The best thing about dacadoo is that you can use a variety of different apps and devices with the health platform to improve your Health Score and boost your general wellbeing.

But which devices will work with dacadoo?

Fitness devices

At dacadoo, your fitness is our priority and, as such, a number of leading devices work directly with the health platform, allowing you to see your workout and what it has done for your Health Score without having to think about it. This leaves you free to concentrate on beating your personal best and achieving your goals.

A range of fitness devices work alongside dacadoo. Please visit for more information.

There are also a variety of leading heart rate, sleep and blood pressure monitors that can work in-line with the dacadoo health platform.


For many people, the number on the scales is a big driver behind their fitness journey, but it isn’t more important that achieving a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, having scales that will automatically update your weight and other details on the health platform allows you to concentrate on what is really important.

However, the best part about dacadoo is that you don’t actually need anything but your smartphone and the health platform to get your Health Score and see it change. On Android and Apple smartphones all you need to do is download the app and you are ready to go. The latest models from these manufacturers have in-built health devices, which can be directly linked up to the health platform and will update your Health Score automatically.

This not only reduces the amount of devices you need to carry around with you, but also limits the amount you have to spend to see your health, fitness and wellbeing improve with dacadoo.

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