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5 New Year resolutions to improve your health

5 New Year resolutions to improve your health - Image credit: Thinkstock/Wavebreak Media

Improve your health

With 2015 almost upon us, many people will be thinking about the potential changes they can make, which will improve their health and wellbeing. The key to making long-term changes is doing something that is tangible and that you can measure, with the help of the dacadoo health platform.

But what changes will really improve your health and wellbeing? We’ve got some ideas for small alterations you can make to your lifestyle, which will see 2015 be a great year.

Increase your activity

Come January 1st, many people will be signing up to gym memberships and making the commitment that they will go and get fit. However, after a couple of months (or even weeks) the motivation fades and people just end up wasting money, finding that they don’t have the time or commitment to take regular visits to the gym.

A more long-term change would be to increase your activity, which can work around your lifestyle. This can be walking to the shop instead of getting in the car or taking a class a couple of times a week with your friends or partner. There are many ways you can boost your activity in a way that can fit around your other commitments, such as work, family and friends.

Reduce sugar intake

Instead of completely overhauling your diet and cutting out all the things you have been enjoying over the festive period, try focusing on a specific food group, such as sugar or fat, that you want to reduce. Cutting down on the amount of sugar, fat or salt that you eat can substantially improve your diet, without you having to cut out everything you like, which can be unsustainable and can see you binge eating or completely ditching it altogether.

Reduce your running times

If you are already a frequent exerciser then you may want to make resolutions that improve your fitness throughout 2015. For keen runners, this can be something as simple as reducing your times. Setting yourself easy and clear goals like this will keep your motivation high well into 2016. This can change and be updated throughout the year to make sure you don’t get complacent, and keep striving to increase your fitness levels.

Increase your water intake

The vast majority of people don’t drink the amount of water they should during the day. This can have a detrimental impact on all areas of your health and can seriously impeded weight loss efforts, which can be frustrating. By upping the number of glasses of water you drink per day, just by one or two, you can improve your skin, hair and concentration, and help shed those extra pounds in January.

Eat more fruit

Although many people know about the five-a-day campaign, few actually get the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables they need throughout the day. However, these are vital food groups that are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help keep your body healthy and boost your energy levels.

For those who don’t eat the amount they should, try increasing your fruit intake by one piece each day for a month, and then add another in come the end of the month. If you struggle, try introducing a satsuma or clementine mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The citrus will help boost your metabolism, making weight loss easier, and you will get a surge of vitamins when you are flagging in the office.

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