Exercises to try out

Exercises to try out

December 19, 2014

Top five sports to increase your health score

Top five sports to increase your health score - Image credit: Thinkstock

Many people can find it difficult to become more active, and this is largely because a lot of individuals think the only way to get fitter is to hit the gym with an intensive routine. Although this is a brilliant way to increase your dacadoo health score and boost your health, it may not suit everyone’s personality and lifestyle.

If you fit into the latter category, then picking up a new sport can be a wise change as we head into 2015. Taking up a new sport, which you enjoy, will help you make a commitment to being more active and make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle in the long term, rather than just getting fit to reach a certain weight loss goal.

But what are the sports that dacadoo users love? And which will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle?


One of the best sporting events in 2014 was the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, which has led to football fever dominating the world even more than normal. Football is a fantastic way to boost your health score and improve your fitness. Even if it’s just at your office’s five-a-side, having a kick about with your friends and colleagues can be a brilliant way to balance socialising and fitness into your lifestyle. Football is great for improving your stamina, as well as general fitness, which will help reduce your risk of health problems such as heart disease and stroke.


The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow was another highlight for sports fans across the world, and there has never been a better time to get involved. With Olympics legends like Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins for inspiration, the British Cycling scene is looking healthier than it has for decades. Getting on your bike is a brilliant way to get more cardio into your weekly activity, as well as working out a number of key muscle groups. This will not only boost your fitness and dacadoo health score, but will also see your body reduce fat and become more toned, helping you achieve your ideal physique.


Although people may think of tennis as being quite a laid back and relaxed sport, the success of Team GB in the Olympics and Andy Murray at Wimbledon has brought tennis to the masses and, as such, it is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Tennis is obviously a brilliant fitness workout but also improves your mobility, balance and poise. This will make a noticeable difference to your lifestyle and help you to reach your fitness goals.

Water Polo

Water polo is an incredibly fun and engaging sport that may suit you perfectly if football and other common sports aren’t really your thing. It brings all the health benefits associated with swimming, such as working key muscle groups and increasing your heart rate, but also brings an element of team work and socialising that it doesn’t.


Another sport experiencing a sudden uptake in the UK is rowing. Thanks in part to British success at London 2012, rowing has become far more accessible than it used to be. With many people thinking rowing was a sport strictly reserved for Oxbridge alumni, it was hard to find somewhere to start rowing. However, now rowing clubs are popping up all over the country and it is a brilliant way to boost your fitness, increase your dacadoo health score and have fun while you are doing it.