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Why you perform better with competition

Why you perform better with competition - Image Credit: Thinkstock

At this time of year, many people find it difficult to maintain the same health and fitness regime that they have been sticking with consistently throughout the summer. With colder weather and shorter nights here, it can be challenging to find the motivation to go the gym or even go outside to complete your run.

However, being part of something like the dacadoo platform can give you the motivation you need to carry on with your goals and hit your long-term targets by achieving your short-term aims. This is because dacadoo encourages all its users to get competitive with each other, and make the most of the community aspect of the platform.

But what is it about competition that can help you to hit your targets?


As we’ve touched upon earlier, motivation is a massive tool that helps you achieve both long and short-term goals. Having the right amount of motivation will push you to get up off your sofa when you’ve just got in from work and all you want to do is lay down. Competition can be the perfect motivation to help you complete your exercise and fitness targets when you really don’t fancy doing it at all. Whether you are competing with your friends, other dacadoo users or your friends, competition can be the best type of motivation for fitness users.

Beat your friends

A massive part of competition is knowing you are doing better than your friends. However, with the dacadoo platform this is far more tangible, and lets you connect with thousands of other fitness users. This can be especially good if your friends at work aren’t really into their fitness, and would much rather sit in the pub come Friday evening than hit the road for a run. Being part of dacadoo means you can find new friends with the same passions for health and exercise as you. This allows you to enjoy the same level of competition as other people who are lucky enough to have friends that also have fitness goals.

This competition will really push you harder when you are out running or at the gym and encourage you to go that little bit further.

Hit your goals

The dacadoo platform encourages you to be competitive with your friends and other users to help you reach your goals and get the body that you want. Being competitive, and wanting to always do a little bit better, will enable you to reach your targets and keep going once the initial thrill of running or exercising has faded.