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Using Movember to bring your office together

Using Movember to bring your office together - Image credit: Thinkstock/iStock

November is here once more, which means that men all around the UK are growing their facial hair into weird and wonderful shapes. But, with the right approach, companies can use this opportunity to increase the health of their workers and encourage teams to co-operate in the office.

Raise the profile of health

Some people may forget, but the objective of Movember is to raise awareness about cancers that affect men, such as prostate or testicular. As well as encouraging workers to take part in this worthwhile campaign, companies can also use this as an opportunity to draw attention to the other aspects involved in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Research has suggested that a number of factors – such as a healthy diet, getting a good night's sleep and low stress levels – can help decrease a person's risk of developing the disease. This means businesses can use Movember to encourage their workers to make healthier choices at the same time as raising money and awareness for a worthwhile cause.

Encourage team work

Movember is the ideal opportunity to get people talking to each other and departments working together. Companies could divide their workforce into teams, with a reward for the group that manages to raise the biggest amount for Cancer Research UK. Obviously the main focus is on men during this period but female workers can also be important parts of their team. Women can use this as an opportunity to test their social media skills and run a PR campaign to help raise funds for their team. 

This will encourage people to work together outside of work, and could even lead to people being more willing to do other things together. You may find that, off the back of Movember, workers are keen to join health classes or cycle-to-work schemes, which will see their health improve. 

There are numerous ways that Movember can be used to a business' advantage, while enabling your employees to raise much-needed funds for a worthwhile cause and have a bit of fun at the same time.

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