Making the right decisions

Making the right decisions

October 10, 2014

Why dacadoo users are fitter

Why dacadoo users are fitter - Image credit: Thinkstock / Wavebreak Media

There are many advantages of having something like the dacadoo health platform if you are trying to lose weight, increase your fitness or generally lead a healthier lifestyle. Such a system can support people at every stage of the fitness process, from people who are just starting to learn about the different factors affecting your health to amateur athletes who are training to take part in an Iron Man, Marathon or Triathlon.

In this guide, we look at what makes dacadoo such a fantastic tool for budding athletes, fitness fanatics and everyone in between.

Discover new activities

It’s easy for people at all fitness levels to get stuck in a rut when it comes to their exercise. This can mean that your daily workout becomes a chore and you soon find yourself dreading the time of day when you have to put on your gear and get active. However, with the dacadoo health platform you can see what everyone else is up to and what works for them. This could encourage you to start a brand-new exercise that you would never have thought of before.

The best way to ensure that your healthy lifestyle becomes a long-term commitment – rather than a quick fix to lose weight for the work Christmas party or to complete a one-off challenge – is to find something that you enjoy doing. This is what dacadoo is all about: looking at each aspect of your life and finding simple changes that you can make to improve your health and wellbeing. Being able to see what everyone else is doing, and then try it for yourself, makes it far more likely that you will sustain a healthy lifestyle – allowing you to truly benefit for your changes.

Track your workouts

There are many systems out there that can track your running, or how long your sleep, but dacadoo’s health platform has the unique approach of bringing all these factors together to give you a healthscore. This gives you something tangible that will either increase or decrease as you change your daily habits.

This means that every single workout you perform contributes to a better healthscore, much like it contributes to a better lifestyle and better health. With dacadoo, it’s easier than ever to bring all your different workouts into one place to give you one result.

Embrace a community

Being part of a community has the obvious impact of playing on your competitiveness to help push you to hit your targets and beat your friends. However, for those that don’t have this trait and just want to improve their health and fitness, the community aspect of the dacadoo health platform can give you a support network.

With thousands of members all sharing the same goals and ambitions, there are plenty of people to give you advice, inspiration or competition should you want it. This can help you stick to your targets, ensuring that you shed those last few pounds or shave those seconds of your running time.

All-in-all, dacadoo helps encourage people to become fitter through a variety of different approaches.