dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

October 3, 2014

Looking back at dacadoo

Why water is key to health - Image credit: Thinkstock/Wavebreak Media

After having used the dacadoo health platform for the last few months, I’ve noticed a tangible change in the way I look at my health and fitness. Although I’ve used fitness technology before, I feel none of these are able to combine the numerous aspects that contribute to a positive lifestyle.

The unique thing about using dacadoo is that it combines all areas of leading a healthy lifestyle; it asks you about your sleep patterns, stress levels, nutrition and activity to help give a much more rounded view of your habits. Although many people that are already in a fitness mindset are aware that being healthy is far more than just eating salad, I feel dacadoo is the first platform that actually supports this way of thinking.

Previously, the apps I’ve used are either very focused on fitness and you need another one for your nutrition or vice versa. However, dacadoo allows you to track all of these in one convenient place.

Although I was also pretty clued up about what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle, the app supported this decision and made me confident that what I was or wasn’t doing was the right thing. The fact that it also measures your stress levels and sleep patterns is extremely helpful, as it is all too easy to neglect these areas when you are thinking about health but also trying to strike a work-life balance.

I found the fact that it has both a website and a mobile app extremely useful too. This flexibility meant that I could either automatically track my activity and sleep through the dacadoo app, or manually upload it myself if I forget to take my equipment with me on a run. It’s simple enough to do that I can quickly do it on my lunch break while at my work computer, rather than having to connect to Wi-Fi or use up my data.

Overall, the dacadoo health platform is incredibly useful and something I’ll be sticking with in the future. A number of work colleagues have also shown interest in the service since I started using it. For many of them who are already pretty clued up about health and fitness, it’s the next step up from the other apps they’ve been using. It’s also a sound solution for people that are already pushed for time between work, fitness, nutrition, socialising and family as it brings everything together in one nice, easy-to-work place.